Corrective Action Process

Facilities Services Lean Teams

Corrective Action Process

Facilities Employee Services (FES)


As the process is currently configured, the time frame involved in issuing a Formal or Final Corrective Action Plan may negatively impact its effectiveness and ability to communicate expectations to affected employee. The complexity and redundancies in the process create delays and may undermine the goal of the process, which is to address the problem promptly and appropriately to promote world-class performance.


  • Issuing a majority of CAPs within 7 business days
  • Reduce the # of Rework Steps by 50%
  • Build flexibility into the CA process to create a more meaningful and effective process for the customer

Team Launched:

July 2012



Patti Colaizzo (FES)
Anne Marie Marshall (FES)
Rachel Vane (FES)
Donna Schmidt (FES)
John Carroll (Facilities Maintenance & Constructions)
Jackie Harris (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Donna Thompson (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Mariann Woodland (Transportation Services)
Jack Nolan (Finance & Business Services)
Scott Spencer (Building Services)
Jeff Seidel (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Irene Hrab (UW Human Resources)
Erin Rice (UW Human Resources)