Building-Based Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)

Recent budget cuts have resulted in a 32,000 hour reduction in available labor hours. In late 2010 FMC piloted a “Building Based Maintenance” (BBM) approach in which routine work orders are fulfilled during pre-scheduled visits to buildings or groups of buildings.

  • Create and pilot a BBM service delivery model, usable in all zones, to efficiently assign, plan and manage routine and preventive maintenance work that maximizes labor availability and delivers world class customer service in the Central and Northeast Zones and to improve the SW Zone’s current BBM process
  • Increase the amount of Preventive Maintenance work by 10%
  • Reduce the current labor hours required to perform routine maintenance work in buildings by 10% over the next two years
Launch Date: 
September 2011
John Carroll
Leader Email:
Rick Cheney

John Carroll (FMC)
Dave Freelund (FMC)
Ruth Grassie (FMC)
Eric Haroldsen (FMC)
Barbara Hart (FMC)
Ming Jue (FMC)
Roxanne Klein (FMC)
Ken McMaster (FMC)
Jim Ritter (FMC)
Robin Shoemake (FMC)
Mark Leider (Finance & Business Services)

Team Photo: 
  • In pilot, implemented 40 employee ideas to develop and implement a new smart-phone strategy to improve shop leads communication in the field, saving shop and customer time
  • Increased maintenance work orders performed in the Central Zone by approximately 8%
  • Developed systematic approach for PM work order generation providing more essential information up front, including materials needs, saving up to 30 minutes per work order