Business, Academic & Research Continuity Planning

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Business, Academic & Research Continuity Planning

Emergency Management (UWEM)


All UW departments are required by University policy to have business continuity plans. Currently, few departments have such plans, and developing them is perceived as prohibitively complex and time-consuming.


  • 10% of departments have completed plans by June 2012
  • 100% of Seattle-campus departments have completed initial plans by June 2016

Team Launched:

July 2011


  • Scott Preston (UWEM)
  • Steve Charvat (UWEM)
  • Siri-Elizabeth McLean (UWEM)
  • Rebecca Bartlein (Global Health)
  • Barbara Benson (Records Management)
  • Carol Cabe (Internal Audit)
  • Laura Campbell (Comparative Medicine)
  • Debra Flores (Office of Research)
  • Clarice Hall (UW IT)
  • Andy Ward (UW IT)


  • As of June 2012:
    • 60 campus customers using Husky Ready.
    • 20 of 36 of the most critical departments are using Husky Ready