Alterations Managed Projects

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Alterations Managed Projects

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


The 2009 Campus Alterations survey showed a high level of customer dissatisfaction on communication and cost effectiveness.


  • Reduce the wait and process times on managed projects by 50%

Team Launched:

January 2010


Donna Thompson (FMC)
John Carroll (FMC)
John Eckhouse (FMC)
Landon Conrad (FMC)
Grant Folstad (FMC)
Peggy Holmberg (FMC)
Ed McKinley (FMC)
Katherine Ward (FMC)
Brandon Karlson (FMC)
Linda Meyers (FMC)
Beth Hammermeister (Genome Sciences)
Mark Miller (Capital Projects Office Design Services)
Joyce Suzuki (Housing & Food Services)


  • “Deadlines met” success rate rose from 60% in September 2010 to 87% in June 2012
  • Savings of 70 hours per week in staff meeting time
  • Developed significant new technology solution for scheduling, improving management of project workload by providing real time information on labor availability and the impact of scheduling adjustments