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Campus Alterations Customer Communications

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


Customer communication in the planning phase remains a problem area for Campus Alterations and hinders the delivery of exceptional customer service. 2011 customer survey results indicated areas in need of improvement are; project planning, communication, and problem solving. Satisfaction levels were respectively; 61.74%, 71% and 69.13%


  • Improve the customer experience by accurate project development (including schedule and cost estimates), consistent communication, and effective problem solving when questions, constraints and complictions arise
  • Increase levels of customer satisfaction in these areas to 95%

Team Launched:

September 2011


Joyce Klontz (FMC)
Bruce Amundsen (FMC)
Elin Blandon (FMC)
Robert Burgy (FMC)
Landon Conrad (FMC)
Al Frankenhauser (FMC)
Larry Hoggarth (FMC)
Peggy Holmberg (FMC)
Brandon Karlson (FMC)
Jeff Morrison (FMC)
Leslie Toussaint (FMC)
Katherine Ward (FMC)
Robert Goff (Biology)
Tracy Erbeck (Computer Science & Engineering)


  • Developed & implementing tools to improve internal project communication, expected to improve quality and frequency of communication with customers
  • Designed new shop direct contract process to be implemented Oct 2012, projected to provide clarity for the customer and save internal process time