FS Design Guide Update Process

Facilities Services Lean Teams

FS Design Guide Update Process

Campus Engineering & Operations (CEO)


The current process for updating the Facilities Services Design Guide (FSDG) does not ensure that we consistently capture all available feedback and lessons learned from past construction projects, and from operations and maintenance experiences to prevent issues and problems from being repeated in future building projects. This impairs our ability to reduce future maintenance costs and creates potential disruptions to building occupants. The current process also does not ensure feedback to shops that their concerns have been addressed.


  • A plan for FSDG updates is developed that incorporates stakeholder input
  • 100% of identified relevant stakeholders have been integrated into the feedback process

Team Launched:

April 2013


Brett Magnuson (CEO)
Fred Pitz (CEO)
Y.L. Chan (CEO)
Ke C. Chen (CEO)
Kirby Wallace (CEO)
Dennis Garberg (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Jim Turner (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Peter Atkinson (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
James Lukehart (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Jon Lebo (Capital Projects Office)
John Kelly (Environmental Health & Safety)