FMC Key Accountability Process

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FMC Key Accountability Process

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


The FMC process of issuing, tracking, and auditing keys has become disorganized and inefficient over time, and consistency has been lost. The process needs to be made more efficient and effective.


  • 100% match between employee key rings & lists showing their assigned keys
  • 100% Obsolete keys are taken out of circulation
  • 100% of issued keys properly numbered for identification

Team Launched:

March 2013



  • Ken McMaster (FMC)
  • Tim Chapman (FMC)
  • Tim Kenny (FMC)
  • Mike Ballou (FMC)
  • Russ Bartko (FMC)
  • Janelle Turner (FMC)
  • Lance Hendrix (FMC)
  • Richard Geller (FMC)
  • Chris Splidsboel (FMC)
  • Jacob Webster (FMC)


  • Numerous improvements in FMC key procedures and practices
  • Designed and installed improved key storage in FMC shops
  • Designed and piloted new solutions for short-term key tracking. 
  • Researched and developed recommendations for long-term high technology solutions to improve key security and efficient access
  • Standardized key checkout forms. 
  • Streamlined and standardized key checkout process.