Campus Event EOC Situational Awareness

Emergency Management (UWEM)

With the rise of social media and technology, information is moving faster than most can consume. The Planning Section in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) faces the challenge of trying to gather all the information that is being generated about an event to create overall situational awareness for a response. In an emergency we need to make quick decisions based on info we have. If all information is not in and is not usable, errors in decision making can be made.

  • By the end of 90 days, have designed a formal process and created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how to gather and document situational awareness in the EOC
  • 100% success at hitting critical touch points during an exercise or real event
Launch Date: 
February 2013
Siri McLean
Leader Email:
Steve Charvat

Siri McLean (UWEM)
Scott Preston (UWEM)
Steve Charvat (UWEM)
Noah Tunick (UWEM)
Andy Ward (UWIT)
Michelle Rhoads (Transportation Services)
Bob Roseth (News & Information)
Darren Branum (Environmental Health & Safety)
Nick Martin (Housing & Food Services)
Erin Hope (Housing & Food Services)
Gina Hills (Web Communications)
Pascal Schuback (Global Affairs)
Danica Little (University of Washington Medical Center)

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