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BSD Key Process

Building Services (BSD)


The key process in Building Services (BSD) has not been reviewed and reorganized for many years. There is a lack of shared understanding of what keys BSD has on hand and their locations. Notification to BSD of new key orders and changes to existing locks is inefficient and incomplete. The check-in/check-out process is informal and inefficient.


  • A system is developed, implemented, tested and documented to allow for efficient acquisition, inventory, tracking and distribution of keys that ensures accountability and enables access
  • 100% of keys in BSD’s possession are identified, accounted for and documented
  • Reduce time spent on key process by 50%
  • Key request turnaround time reduced by 50%

Team Launched:

February 2013



  • John Billen (BSD)
  • Bruce Jitodai (BSD)
  • Janet Abbott (BSD)
  • Tekie Misgina (BSD)
  • Gerald Carmell (BSD)
  • Shelley Houser (BSD)
  • Victor Cardona (BSD)
  • Mickey Kelsey (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
  • Nikki Peters (Health Sciences)


  • At 90 days:
    • 30% completion on documentation of improved system;
    • 75% of keys identified & documented;
    • Key request turnaround reduced by 30%.
    • Keys accessible 100% of working hours.