BSD Equipment Battery Management

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BSD Equipment Battery Management

Building Services (BSD)


Batteries in cleaning equipment used by custodial staff don’t last as long as their expected life span. There is no system to track and monitor battery life and no consistent maintenance plan, which leads to shorter battery life. There is a lack of clarity about correct procedures to ensure appropriate battery life. This leads to excessive battery costs, unplanned machine down time, and excessive labor. Staff experience frustrations with unpredictability of equipment.


  • Increase life of batteries by 50%
  • Reduce equipment downtime due to battery outages by 50%
  • 50% reduction in staff time spent due to premature battery death
  • 100% of batteries reach their expected lifetime date (of industry standard)

Team Launched:

January 2013


  • Mike Nguyen (BSD)
  • Marian Olech (BSD)
  • Brahma Nand (BSD)
  • Michael Henricksen (BSD)
  • John Rodgers (BSD)
  • Rasonda Settles (BSD)
  • Priscilla Taimanglo (BSD)
  • Brett Cooper (Battery Plus Representative)


  • All work areas in compliance with equipment battery maintenance.
  • All maintenance training completed for primary and backup operators.
  • Battery types and maintenance practices standardized