Slip, Trip, Fall Hazards

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)

Grounds Management (GM) response and resolution time to known or reported hazards can be improved. Due to the dynamic nature of our environment, GM needs better methods to identify new Slip, Trip, Fall Hazards (STFH) as they develop on campus. There is a need to prioritize the various STFH that have already been assessed on campus to develop a systematic and fact-based request for labor and funding resources.

  • 50% increase in the # of work requests generated to correct STFHs
  • 50% decrease in time between STFH reported and initiation of work
  • 30% decrease in time between beginning/end of work
  • ID and test a process to increase STFH reporting to Grounds Management
Launch Date: 
January 2013
Erik Brihagen
Leader Email:
Rick Cheney

Erik Brihagen (FMC)
Sterling Luke (FMC)
Denis Mahony (FMC)
Rosanna Woods (FMC)
Norm Kwasinski (FMC)
Steve Kryszko (FMC)
David Turet (FMC)
Ruth Grassie (FMC)
Jason Sedivy (Enivironmental Health & Safety)
David Amiton (Transportation Services) Wendy Winslow-Nason (Risk Management)

Team Photo: 
Left Image: 
  • Within 60 days, increased identification of Slip, Trip, Fall Work Orders by 600% and set priority to expedite initial response time to with 24 hours of reporting