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Bicycle Lockers

Transportation Services (TS)


Issuance of our bicycle lockers is administratively burdensome. Customers can wait months or even years to get access, either because of long waiting lists or because it takes a long time to offer them a space when it becomes available.


90-Day Goals

  • 100% of “On Hold” lockers will be leased, marketed, or in maintenance
  • No customers waiting for a locker in a bank that has availability

Long-term Goals

  • 100% of lockers will be a) leased b) in offer process c) undergoing maintenance d) actively marketed within 5 business days of lease cancellation
  • General maintenance shall be performed at least once per year in the fall
  • Renew 90% of leases prior to expiration
  • After annual renewal period, no lockers will be in hold status for more than 14 days

Team Launched:

January 2013


Celeste Gilman (TS)
David Amiton (TS)
Alicia Halberg (TS)
Steven Harris (TS)
Christopher Browder (TS)
Will Husman (TS)
Stephanie Parkins (TS)
David Bomengen (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Renee Barton (Health Sciences Pediatrics)
Matthew Weatherford (Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology)


Within 90 days:

  • 80% of “on hold” lockers leased, marketed, or in maintenance (100% within 120)
  • No customers waiting for a locker in a bank that has availability
  • Wait list reduced by 47%