Campus Map Update Process

Campus Engineering & Operations (CEO)

Prior to 2008, the process to update the campus map took a year and by the time the map was distributed or used by clients it was already obsolete. The old process did not take advantage of the latest capabilities in CAD, GIS, and Web-based access technologies. There was a lack of coordination between groups who did the updates and the users. Post-2008, updates have been sporadic and ad hoc. Campus clients/partners that use the base map to create their own maps (ADA, parking, etc.) have no clear direction from us about how to obtain it. We do not have a clear understanding of who needs it.

  • Implement a manageable plan to update the background map
  • Reduce process cycle time to 20 business days, for the background portion of the task
  • Define exactly what is included on the campus background map and the process for maintaining it
  • Define and deploy a client communications feedback process
  • Reduce the number of background maps by 50%
Launch Date: 
December 2012
Jim Morin
Leader Email:
John Chapman

Jim Morin (CEO)
Cesar Escobar (CEO)
John Coronado (CEO)
Jeff Muller (CEO)
Jared McDonald (CEO)
Aaron Cheuvront (Capital Projects Office)
Ari Kasapyan (Transportation Services)
Sara Shores (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Harry Hayward (Media Relations)
Latisha Yaranon (EH&S)

Team Photo: 
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  • Reduced the number of background maps by 90%
  • Reduced the process cycle time to 2 business days (previous 30 calendar days of PT and 10 calendar days of TT, now 2 days of TT and PT)
  • Previously, to update a building took CEO staff 240 hours to update (8 hours X 30 maps) now 24 hours (8 hours X 3 maps)