Tool Accountability

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Tool Accountability

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


There is no comprehensive system in place for tracking tools and equipment in use by FMC staff. This results in a lack of individual accountability for assigned tools and equipment, as well as the inability to account for and locate the tools themselves. This creates inefficiencies when staff must take time to locate needed tools, and difficulty accounting for lost or stolen tools.


  • Implement a tool tagging system/procedure
  • 100% of individual tool lists are accurate
  • Implement a standardized check out procedure for shared tools over $1000 in every zone/shop/unit
  • Categorize inventory based on use

Team Launched:

December 2012



  • Jim Ritter (FMC)
  • Luis Riojas (FMC)
  • Jason Edwards (FMC)
  • Lance Karvonen (FMC)
  • Tom Steele (FMC)
  • Dale Buckenberger (FMC)
  • Robert Pawlowski (FMC)
  • Brian Sheehan (FMC)
  • Riley Nelson (Finance & Business Services)


  • Developed and delivered  a set of recommendations for procedures and systems for improved tool accountability system.