Warehouse 6S

Finance & Business Services (FABS)

Previously, the first floor of the Plant Services Building (PSB1) was used exclusively to warehouse FS Stores inventory. Now PSB1 contains a Training Center, FS Stores, UW Moving Services, Regulated Material Management, and the UW Surplus Property Public Store. A 6S process improvement has begun to improve the flow of materials in and out of PSB1. This effort will improve the flow of daily operations; equipment visibility and usability; the management of retail and wholesale inventory; and the safety practices of all entities residing in PSB1.


The 6S work will occur in phases. An emphasis will be placed on sustaining work flow improvements. The project will provide an opportunity for continuous engagement by staff in managing their work spaces. For each phase, the team develops and implements steps incorporating the 5S principles coupled with an overarching emphasis on safety. Each phase will include establishing equipment and tool locations, signage and labeling improvements, assessment and implementation of shelving solutions, and clearly marked program spaces. Visual management tools will be employed to sustain and continuously improve space utilization. A safety plan for each program area will be developed and incorporated into a comprehensive safety plan for the entire first floor.

Launch Date: 
November 2012
Jack Nolan
Leader Email: 
James Angelosante

Jack Nolan (FABS)
Mike Anderson (FABS)
Neil MacLeod (FABS)
Mike Morris (FABS)
Steve Jackson (FABS)
Jerry Wagner (FABS)
Eric Siu (FABS)
Art Magalona (FABS)
Marvin McKinly (FABS)
Riley Nelson (FABS)
Doug Nielson (FABS)