Bollard Management

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)

Bollards restrict both vehicular traffic and unauthorized vehicles in major pedestrian corridors. There is a redundancy of existing bollards on campus and removable bollards are not always being replaced. Numerous lock series are currently being used to secure these bollards which present presents both security and safety concerns, as well as potential for damage to the campus grounds. With staffing resource limitations to manage and maintain these bollards, it is difficult to enforce the replacement of the bollards that control access.

  • Reduce bollards by 25% (last survey 1/27/11 = 1,546 bollards)
  • Reduce staffing support hours attributed to the replacement of chronically missing bollards or repairs to the campus grounds from vehicular traffic damage by 50%
  • 100% identification of key holders that have access to bollard controlled areas
Launch Date: 
November 2012
Ken Rogers
Leader Email:
Rick Cheney

Ken Rogers (FMC)
Clarence Geyen (FMC)
Charles Thompson (FMC)
Eric Martin (FMC)
Chris Holmer (FMC)
Gareth Kenee (FMC)
Cesar Escobar (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Officer T. Van Leuven (UWPD)
Phyllis Guillory (Transportation Services)
Micheal Meyering (Housing & Food Services)
Steven Roberts (Mailing Services)

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  • Within 90 days, identified the location and status of the campus’ 1690 bollards
  • Within 90 days, reduced the overall number of bollards by 12% and ensured fire and safety routes are secured and accessible