Recycling & Solid Waste Special Event Services

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Recycling & Solid Waste Special Event Services

Building Services (BSD)


Providing special event service to campus events helps divert waste from the landfill and we would like to increase the number of campus events we service, though current demand for special event services exceeds our capacity. Our special event service has mixed success in diverting landfill waste from events—in some cases, due to high levels of contamination, all waste must go to landfill.


  • Increase number of events serviced by 25%
  • Decrease event container contamination rate by 20%
  • Reduce staff time per event by 50%

Team Launched:

October 2012


Emily Newcomer (BSD)
Dean Seaman (BSD)
Jessica Lisiewski (BSD)
Andre Vasquez (BSD)
Rasonda Settles (BSD)
Christina Coop (Student Activities Office)
Heidi Dlubac (Computer Science & Engineering)
Patty Ching (UW Foster School of Business)