Building Envelope Projects Planning & Implementation

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)

The current process for establishing, implementing and completing building envelope projects is unreliable. Cost estimates are frequently inaccurate and coordination of the various parties involved is inadequate, which impacts service delivery. Changes in priorities often results in a failure to complete the projects originally planned. Basis for prioritization is not commonly understood by all key parties.

  • Provide Building Renewal list for 2013-2015 using improved planning: prioritization of projects, accurate estimating and staffing needs identified for each project, a means of including input of all important stakeholders, and a method for resolving disagreements about priorities
  • Establish a plan for monitoring and continuous improvement as process is used
  • Long term goal: 100% percent of planned projects for each biennium are completed
Launch Date: 
September 2012
Jackie Harris
Leader Email:
Rick Cheney

Jackie Harris (FMC)
Dave Fields (FMC)
Bill McKinney (FMC)
Ellen Oxley (FMC)
Ruth Grassie (FMC)
Dan Gatcheco (FMC)
Thomas Berg (Campus Engineering & Operations)

Team Photo: 
  • Within 90 days, improved process for creating the Building Renewal Project List to ensure accomplishment of highest priority work for each biennium