Custodial Weekend Services Delivery

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Custodial Weekend Services Delivery

Building Services (BSD)


The limited availability of custodial staff on weekends has hindered Custodial Services’ ability to provide high-level and timely services to customers. Customers have expressed a lack of confidence that weekend services are reliable for special events.


  • Reduce customer complaints by 90%
  • Accomplish 100% of standard services and special requests
  • Develop and implement effective plans to organize, coordinate, and staff weekend services—including special events and unplanned events—and communicate with customers about special event planning

Team Launched:

July 2012



Kara Clark (BSD)
Ben Haywood (BSD)
Yang Sook Choe (BSD)
Teferi Fessehatzion (BSD)
Debesai Gebre (BSD)
Edward Gibson (BSD)
Semere Tesfaldet (BSD)
Pedro Borrayo (BSD)
Marty Nolan (Suzzallo)
Nancy Hautala (Meany)
Rita Calabro (Meany)
Mary Van Court (Health Science Building)