Shuttles NightRide/NightWalk Process Improvement

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Shuttles NightRide/NightWalk Process Improvement

Transportation Services (TS)


There are sometimes unintended duplications and/or gaps between NightRide & NightWalk services, and customer confusion between the two programs. Customers have expectations for services that NightWalk cannot provide. This wastes customer & staff time, prevents provision of appropriate levels of service and may contribute to reduced customer satisfaction.


  • Eliminate confusion for customers and NightRide / NightWalk staff
  • Increase UWPD’s “yes” responses to walking requests to 100%, within service parameters
  • Reduce misdirected service requests by 90%
  • Increase number of NightWalk escorts to NightRide by 50%

Team Launched:

July 2012



Lee Schooley (TS)
Peter Celms (UWPD)
Celeste Gilman (TS)
Jackie Owens (TS)
Elena Fox (TS)
Carla Gifford (TS)
Alicia Halberg (TS)
Sara Jones (IMA representative)
Breona Milam (UWPD Nightwalk security guard)
Melanie Mayock (UW Student)


  • Increased the number of NightWalk escorts on campus to NightRide destinations by 44% from Spring quarter 2012 to Autumn Quarter 2012