Online Work and Leave System (OWLS) Supervisor and Administrative Information

OWLS Guide For Administrators, Supervisors, Administrative Supports

  • University form 220 has been replaced with a web-based system that automates the accrual, use, and balances of leave
  • It provides clear and fair application of policies and eliminates mathematical errors and transpositions
  • It is updated and available daily


  • Receive timeslips and Leave Requests
  • Post to paper 220s and verify usage
  • Post to billing and payroll
  • Send out copies of 220s monthly


  • Receive timeslips and Leave requests
  • post to OWLS, automatic verification
  • Post to billing and payroll
  • 220s always available online
  • Paper copies printed and distributed monthly

Logging into OWLS

You can access OWLS at the following URL:

  • Depending on your access level you will see one or more of these login options
  • Login using your UW NetID and password
  • Click I Agree on the disclaimer page, and you will be in OWLS


  • Depending on your access you might see and employee list or search by name/department

Monthly Calendar

Employee Profile

  • More information about employee status, history, and access

Employee Schedule

  • The employee schedule is a critical component of OWLS
  • Always alert your payroll coordinator anytime an employee changes their pattern

Monthly Summary of Balances

  • Year to date leave actions
  • View previous years
  • Yearly summary button will create a PDF of the 220 which you can view online or print out with all the details

Additional Resources

  • Any employee can access their own leave record through MyUW and Employee Self Service (ESS).
    • Visit
    • Check our other features at MyUW: check history, taxes, deductions, UW Services Available, and much more
  • If you need access in a supervisor or administrative support capacity, have your administrator contact Facilities Services Payroll to discuss setup.
  • Your UW NetID is unique and usually based on your name: Sly Gollum’s UW NetID might be sgollums
  • Your UW EID is a nine digit number that replaces the Social Security Number
  • Forgot your password, contact us
  • Questions and suggestions, email