Utility Shutdown Program

The Utility Shutdown program allows for a single point of contact for all campus departments when inquiring about utility shutdowns.

For our Clients

The on-line Shutdown Request Form is for shop-initiated shutdowns only. Clients requesting a shutdown must begin with a work request. You may initiate a work request by clicking our on-line work request link:


Be sure to include the word "SHUTDOWN" in the job description field, and be prepared to give detailed information regarding the shutdown in the pop-up window. Specifically, the following is required:

  • Reason for shutdown
  • System or utility affected
  • Impact on building participants
  • Other affected buildings, systems, utility or shops
  • Other organizations involved
  • Proposed schedule

The Customer Service Representative will research budget information, add the Responsible Shop as phase 001, add a shutdown phase (shop 31SDWN - upper campus, and shop 17SDWN for south campus], and forward the work request to the Responsible Shop. The Lead of the Responsible Shop will initiate the actual Shutdown Request.

Which is the Responsible Shop?

With regard to utility shutdowns, the Responsible Shop is determined by whichever shop is slated to do the actual work of shutting down the utility system. This means that whoever turns the valve, shuts off the power, silences the fire alarms, or is otherwise the hands-on crew shutting down the utility system, must initiate the Shutdown Request. Contractors do not shutdown utility systems on this campus, therefore, contractors do not submit Shutdown Requests. Capital Projects coordinators do not shutdown utility systems on campus, and therefore Capital Projects coordinators do not submit the Shutdown Request.

Shutdowns originating with the Campus Engineering and Operations [CEO] shops must add a second phase for the appropriate Zone MCCA on the work request, so that they are kept informed of work done in their zones.

For Shop Leads:

An on-line Utility Shutdown Request Form is submitted by the Lead Shop (phase 001) to the Shutdown Coordinator. All applicable information, such as system(s) affected, starting time and duration of shutdowns, supporting shops, etc. should be filled out as completely as possible on the Utility Shutdown Request Form, so that unnecessary delays in processing can be avoided. (For those requests coming from clients, such as Capital Projects, this information is available on your work request screen, in the pop-up window of the job description field).

The Utility Outage Coordinator will review requests with the appropriate approval authorities and, once approval is granted, will coordinate with building coordinators and the requestor. Formal notification authorizing the shutdown will be sent by email to all affected personnel, confirming the approval of the shutdown and the scheduled date for accomplishment. The Utility Outage Coordinator will then close the shutdown phase.

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General Information

These procedures have been established with the intent of scheduling utility outages in a consistent and timely manner. Please note that, while these procedures establish minimum standards for shutdown requests, automatic approval cannot be guaranteed for the date(s) requested. Facilities Services policy requires a two week minimum advance notice for shutdown requests. Every effort is made to accommodate a requestor’s dates for the shutdown; however, early notification is the best way to ensure that your request is approved.

To get to the Shutdown Request Form, you must first select the proper coordinator for your area.

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