Communication Center and Radio Dispatch

Services Provided

Acts as Unit Response Center for Facilities Services, in the event of an emergency. Operates radio, cell phone and paging dispatch systems for Facilities Services communications. Coordinates the Utility Shutdown Program.

  • Unit Response Center
  • Contact Roster (UWNetID and password required)
  • Utility Shutdown Program

How to Obtain Emergency Maintenance Services

Emergency maintenance services (essential building and utility services are covered 24 hours a day) may be obtained by calling (206) 685-1411.

After Hours Service

After 3:30 PM on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends, calls to (206) 685-1411 are forwarded to the University Police Department. Emergency service calls of a serious and critical nature are transmitted by two-way radio to the 24/7 Facility Operations Maintenance Specialist on duty.