Work Request Customer Communication

Rev. March 2014

A customer’s work request will be routed to the appropriate shop in Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC).  Customers may expect the following response times to a submitted request once it is assigned to a shop.  Internally, we have a goal that 90% of our work will meet these guidelines.

Maintenance Response Times

Work Request Priority Response Time Completion Time
Emergency Immediate Same day
Urgent Same Day Correct within 24 hours
High 3 Working days Correct within 7 days
Routine 7 Working days Correct within 25 working days
Scheduled Project is scheduled Complete as scheduled

Construction Response Times

Customer will:

  • Be contacted within 3 calendar days after work request is assigned to the appropriate shop or Project Manager
  • Be informed of the estimate timeline by the FMC contact.  The length of time to receive the estimate will vary depending on project complexity.

Project Communication

Customer will:

  • Receive an email with the FMC contact.
  • See updated status changes in the work request with written notations.
  • Receive a timeline for all scheduled work.
  • Receive construction oversight, communication and updated cost information by the FMC contact (Supervisor, Project Manager, Zone Coordinator, or Lead).
  • See the Service Call Advisory Notice (SCAN) posted onsite as work progresses.

Additionally, for projects managed by the Construction group:

  • Receive a contract for approval and encumbrance prior to work being performed.
  • Receive a schedule for all scheduled work > 4 hours.
  • Receive a “schedule promised” date on all managed projects.
  • Receive change orders, as required prior, to work being performed.
  • Receive project close-out documentation as necessary.
  • Receive an email indicating that work has been completed.
Work Request Customer Communication | Facilities Maintenance & Construction