Maintenance: Lockshop

Requesting Keys

How to Request Keys

To request keys from the Lock Shop you must mail or deliver a completed Key Request Form signed by your Building Coordinator, department Key Coordinator, or another authorized person. (See information about Key Authorization Forms below).The keys will be cut within 3 working days. This includes building or room keys, and file cabinet or desk keys.

Key Delivery

File cabinet and desk keys will be mailed through Campus Mail unless otherwise instructed. Other keys may be picked up at the Lock Shop when ready. Building and room keys may be delivered depending on staff and funding availability.


Key Request Forms

To obtain Key Request Forms, ask your Building or department Key Coordinator, or order them from the Lockshop, (206) 543-9014

Key Request Authorization Forms

Facilities Services requires that all personnel signing Key Requests be authorized by their Dean, Director or Chair. To gain authorization you must turn in a completed and signed Key Request Authorization Form to the Lock Shop. Please contact the Lock Shop at (206) 543-9014 or to obtain a Key Authorization Form.

Other Services

Rekey a Building or Room

Please contact your Departmental Coordinator or Administrator for details.

Routine Lock Maintenance

To obtain routine lock maintenance, place a work request through FS‑WORKS, or call (206) 685-1411 (Customer Service Center).

If you have a lock emergency please call (206) 685-1411.

Change Door Lock and Entry Times

Changing door locking and entry times is handled by Custodial Services. Please use their: Building Hour Modification Request

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