Due to a processing issue, the charges shown on your budget’s invoices dated February 28, 2015 will not be reflected on the February 2015 BAR or in the February 2015 month in My Financial Desktop. Please look in the March 2015 month on both your BAR and in My Financial Desktop for charges dated 02-28-2015 for these transactions. We apologize for the confusion.

AiM/FME Online Invoice

Invoices prior to January 2008 are not available online.

Only one of the following fields needs to be input:

  • Work Order Number
  • Budget Number
  • Box Number

The following can be entered in the Work Order Number field:

  • Six-digit work order or work request number
  • Nine-digit requisition number (beginning with TS)
  • Eight-digit reference number (beginning with PP)

Invoices may also be requested via Finance and Business Services online request form

Only available for invoices dated July 2009 or later.
Only available for invoices dated June 2010 or later.