Surplusing Items

Each department needing to surplus material must complete the online surplus request form. Upon completion and submission of the online surplus request form, you will receive an email with the surplus number assigned to your request and further instructions to expedite removal. Attention Mac Users: The online request form works only with a Mozilla 1.4 or higher browser and Safari OSX. The form does not work if you are using IE for the Mac.

!!! Please do not paste data from spreadsheets into the online request form. Data becomes corrupted, and our system cannot read what you paste in. !!!

Large items such as desks, tables, chairs, file cabinets, computers and monitors should be listed as such and allotted one item per number within your request (e.g. [1] Computer, [2] Computer) unless you have multiples of the same model/ type, in which case you may enter a single line item as “Computer, Dell (qty 5),” etc. Smaller items such as office supplies, mice, keyboards and power cables may be submitted under one number if items are boxed together.

Ensuring a Quickly-Processed Request

  • Be clear about what each line item is. Requests containing vaguely submitted items (e.g. “Box of stuff”, “Furniture,” “HP1394576TN”) will not be processed until clarification of items can be made.
  • Best policy for listing line items is this: first write the TYPE of item in question (Computer, Printer, Scanner, File Cabinet, Server, etc.), followed by any brand-specific or detail information you want to add.
  • Best-practice line item examples include: “Computer, Dell Dimension,” “Printer, HP Laserjet,” “File Cabinet, metal, 3-drawer,” “Bucket, red metal, leaks,” “Box Misc Office Supplies,” etc.
  • If you are uncertain how to list any item or items, please give our office a call. Submitting a surplus list that has many items listed in ways other than our best-practice examples causes delays as we must then re-enter line items to correctly reflect the way in which our system reads inventory.

For surplus requests requiring pick up, budgets will be charged the current moving rate. Please contact Moving for the current rate.

Click here for the surplus online request form. You may also deliver items to the Surplus Warehouse following the confirmation that your request has been processed.

Adding Items

Requests to add items to already-scheduled pick-ups are strongly discouraged as doing so may negatively impact other scheduled jobs the crew has for that day. Contact Moving Services directly for emergency situations. Best practice is to submit a new request for any additional items, and we will do our best to combine with recently submitted jobs.

Removing Contents

File cabinets, desks, and any other items with drawers or cupboards must be unlocked and emptied before being picked up or accepted by Moving & Surplus. If an item remains locked and the department still requires pickup, the department will be charged for drilling open the lock and the disposal of contents.

Items Needing Decontamination/Items Not Accepted by Surplus

Any laboratory equipment contaminated or potentially contaminated with biological material, chemicals, or radio-isotopes must be decontaminated prior to delivery to Surplus Property. In addition, a Notice of Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form must be completed and affixed to the item. Please Click here for a list of items requiring decontamination form.

The following items must be reviewed and approved for surplussing by EH&S prior to moving:

  • Chemical Products (commercial use) i.e. paint, cleaners, floor wax, etc.

The following items CANNOT be accepted by Surplus Property:

  • All chemicals (except those listed above)
  • Syringes that include any metal points
  • Capacitors, Transformers (note: some equipment may contain transformers, such as x-ray equipment and electron microscopes; these transformers may be accepted but must be drained of oil and the oil must have been tested tested and certified by EH&S as being non-PCB)
  • Gas Cylinders, Pressurized Containers / Vessels
  • Instruments Containing Mercury (measure temperature or pressure)
  • Materials containing Asbestos, including but not limited to: Autoclaves, Laboratory ovens, Fire Proof file cabinets, anything that produces high heat
  • Any equipment containing a radioactive source must be checked by EH&S Radiation Safety Division prior to public sale. Please contact Molly McGee in the Radiation Safety Office at or (206) 685-5311. These items include:
  • Gas chromatographs
  • Germicidal UV lamps
  • Lasers
  • X-ray equipment
  • Any item with a radioactive sticker

Computer Disposal Policy

Surplus Property will be responsible for appropriately purging all data from computers and electronic devices that store data.

Surplus Property will purge data from University computers using one of the following two methods:

  • Utilize Department of Defense approved data destruction software following DOD guidelines
  • Destroy the hard drive platters in a manner that does not allow the drive to be rebuilt

However, UW departments must practice due diligence by deleting all files prior to surplussing their equipment, especially files which contain confidential data, such as personnel, patient, legal, or student information.

UW Employee Phone/ Device Purchases

If you are a current UW employee who will be purchasing a decommissioned cell phone or hand-held device with the approval of your department, please submit our online surplus request form using the “delivery-to-surplus” form (even though the item will not technically come to us). List the item as “iPhone/ Android Phone (etc.) for Employee Purchase.” In the “comments” section, we need to know the original purchase date & original purchase price. The department head who has approved your allowance eligibility should also be the approver on the surplus request form in the “Approver ID” field. We will then add the item to Surplus Store inventory and contact you directly with complete purchasing instructions. PLEASE NOTE: The UW Surplus office does not have any involvement with your phone plan, phone number, or service. This program does not allow employees to surplus & purchase a phone that was issued to another employee.

Ability and approval to purchase a decommissioned UW phone or device with departmental approval is allowed only if the item falls under the UW Mobile Device Program guidelines available here. These guidelines also address questions about keeping your same phone number, etc.

If a UW employee wants to buy a UW-purchased cell phone because his or her department is upgrading their current phone—i.e. they have an iPhone 4 and it’s being replaced with an iPhone 5 and they want to purchase their old iPhone 4 for personal use—this is not allowable.

Contact Information

Phone: 206.685.1573
Fax: 206.616.5280