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Assorted Adhesives

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$10.00 - $45.00 per tub, as marked

Are you particularly attached to carpet & flooring glues? Because we’ve got several tubs available including: Mannington MT-790, Mannington Infinity, Mannington V-82, and InterfaceFlor Grid-Set Green Glue 2000 (which frankly sounds the most exciting to us).

Fluke System

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40570-31. Fluke is the brand name, not our assessment of how it arrived at the Surplus Store. Now, I’m no electronics expert, but I do know that when you plug this thing in it lights up, and that’s enough to entertain me for at least a little while.

Hey, Nice Cart!

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40732-1. All the other cart users will be jealous of you, tooling around your warehouse or garden or, you know, down the street in your Cadillac of carts (we’re talking DeVille, not Cimarron). This beauty measures 30” x 5’ x 42”H.

Misc Light Bulbs!

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.25 and up, as marked.

We have enough light bulbs now to warrant their own mini section! Choose from bulbs by GE, Sylvania, Philips, and more! Available bulbs include incandescent, 15w, multivapor, tubular, high-intensity arc + other projector bulbs, and many more!

Retro Fire Alarm Boxes

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$175.00 each

40700-1, 2, -3, and -4. By Gamewell, these four metal, house-shaped fire alarms are ripe for repurposing!

Stainless Rack on Wheels

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40199-29. Not only does this stainless rack come with wheels for extra zoominess, it also features a variety of open circles for visual excitement. Look out! Measures 3’ x 18” x 47”H.

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