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Egg Incubator

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$65.00 (marked down!)

45838-73. You don’t already have one, do you? Frankly, I prefer my eggs scrambled & not clucking, but with prime Peeps season approaching, this handy little gem will have ‘em warm & ready. Note: not for use with Velociraptor eggs. By Lyon.

Large & Flat Steel Plate

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Surplus Item # 47396-1

This equipment is located in the parking area at the SE corner of the Harris Hydraulics Lab on the UW’s Seattle campus. It is not located in the Surplus warehouse.

Available now is this large, heavy, and flat steel plate measuring 12’-long x 8’-wide x 1”-thick. The plate is being sold where it sits on the ground, and the buyer will be solely responsible for loading & removal. Estimated weight is 3,000 - 4,000 pounds.

For questions about this item, please contact Ray Hollingsworth at 206-543-1257 / ch32 at uw dot edu.

To purchase this item, please contact the UW Surpus Store: 206-685-1753 and ask for the cashier’s office.

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