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Air Compressor

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$100.00 and it’s yours!

41933-18. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this is the Kobalt oil-free 26-gallon air compressor with 155 max PSI that all the folks of taste, refinement, and distinction are talking about. You’ve just got to have one; absolutely everybody’s getting one. Don’t be the one person on your block without it!


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41502-13. From the Torsion Balance Company comes this exciting implement that has some shiny parts and some measure-y parts.

Cage Cart

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41755-3. You’ll be forgiven for looking at this cart and concluding it’s some sort of Harry Houdini-era implement of weirdness (or transport for 19th-century tigers); it just has that look about it. We’re sure there are perfectly reasonable uses for it today. No, you may not lock your little brother in this and drag him to the circus. Measures 30 ½ x 65 x 31”H.

Really Old Scale

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41268-67. This heavy old scale features a cool old label that says Fairbanks. We are told the scale is broken in some way, but it may just need a thorough clean-up & tune-up.

Wood & Metal Cart

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41133-7. Well, if you’re going to cart your stuff around you might as well use a big one that means business. Measures 30” x 70” x 3’H.

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