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41502-13. From the Torsion Balance Company comes this exciting implement that has some shiny parts and some measure-y parts.

Coleman Shovel

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I was going to call this handy item a spade, but it turns out there’s a surprisingly vocal shovel contingent who are serious about differentiating the two types of hand held diggers. It’s like the Sharks and the Jets, but with a lot less singing and dancing. At any rate, a Coleman shovel is a camper’s friend, so don’t miss your chance to score this one at a sweet deal.

Old Scale!

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42017-91. “What’s that you say? ‘Old school’?” No, old scale! “Cold sale?” No, Old scale! “Rolled kale?” No, this is a really cool-looking old hanging scale by Landers, Frary & Clark that will look great as an accent piece in your kitchen, office, or den! “I don’t know anything about catching Officer Ben, but that’s a great old scale!”

Pallet of APC Power Strips

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$1500.00 for the whole pallet

42246-1. This equipment is located in the Bowman warehouse: 7501 63rd Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

You know those Jaguar ads full of villainous British actors crowing about being addicted to power? They could have saved loads of money just getting a pallet of APC power strips (and probably had more power, too). This pallet boasts a quantity of 21 APC power strips (AP7941), and you can let all that power go to your head all you want.

For questions, or to schedule a viewing appointment, please contact Treg Oistad, Program Support Supervisor, UW IT, at 206-221-7981/ tregger at uw dot edu.

To purchase this equipment, please contact the UW Surplus Store or office: 206-685-1573/ surplus at uw dot edu. No warranty is stated nor implied. Equipment is sold as-is, where-is. Equipment must be removed from its location no later than 2 weeks after purchase.

Retro Sewing Machine

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42125-140. This super-sweet Singer sewing machine circa 1951 has the Home-on-the-Range body style that might make you think it’s better suited to stitching up bloomers and overalls than Today’s Hot Looks, but it’s probably just a matter of time before we see the neo-prairie look storming the catwalks anyway. Update!: This is model 201-2 according to an helpful email we got!

Wood & Metal Cart

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41133-7. Well, if you’re going to cart your stuff around you might as well use a big one that means business. Measures 30” x 70” x 3’H.

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