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Baby Grand Piano

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$2200.00 [bench (42097-1) sold separately: $35.00]

42097-1. Make beautiful music with this black baby grand Baldwin! Look at that drab corner of your living room. Wouldn’t it look way better with a baby grand piano?

Hamilton Upright Piano

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42097-1. This blond wood Hamilton upright piano is the friendly bar room buddy to the Horugel’s prim & proper schoolmarm. Measures 58 x 25 x 45”H.

Horugel Upright Piano

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Piano: $1600.00; Bench: $35.00

42097-2. Shiny as the patent leather shoes on your nightmare childhood piano teacher, this sleek black Horugel upright piano delivers big sound in a relatively small package. Measures 59” x 2’ x 46”H. Bench (ID# 42068-15) sold separately.

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