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ISO Track Climbing Systems

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$150.00 each

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41483-13 and -14. Quite possibly the largest climbers we’ve yet seen, these two impressive ISO tracks by Life Fitness will also provide you with a great workout while trying to move them.

Samson Humped Leg Curl Machine (200 lbs.). 39456-1

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Aptly named for the hump in the bench, now, there’s no excuse for you to not work out on hump day with this piece of equipment. A nice addition to any fitness guru’s gym or studio.

Samson Multi-Hip Machine (250 lbs.) 39439-2

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Only $75.00!

This piece of equipment might not make you “hip”, but it’s likely to get your hips in shape. That is, if you don’t use it as a clothing rack.


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Removed from sales floor [broken, alas]
47256-20. I get tired just looking at it: The Medtrack CR60 by Quinton is in the house, and if it’s anything like my house, it’ll end up the designated clothes rack for garments on deck for coveted space in the closet. I suppose, though, that if you’d prefer the sizes of that clothing not get exponentially larger, running on this thing could help

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