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1979 Basketball Trophy

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We have a few contenders for Best Busted Trophy in the warehouse, but how many people can say they won “4th Lace” [sic] in basketball in 1979? Do you know how hard it is to play basketball while wearing lace?

Husky Team Jackets

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$20.00 each

Now available, we have several great-looking UW Husky jackets in a variety of sizes and perfect for this time of year!

ISO Track Climbing Systems

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$150.00 each

1 left!
41483-13 and -14. Quite possibly the largest climbers we’ve yet seen, these two impressive ISO tracks by Life Fitness will also provide you with a great workout while trying to move them.

Purple Locker Units

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$85.00, $95.00, and $125.00 each, as marked

42934-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, and 10. Relive those halcyon days of your athletic youth but maybe without the circus of smells and towel-snapping. These well-ventilated metal locker units feature interior shelves, bars, and hooks, and the fronts of each unit are appropriately purple. 2-unit and 3-unit models available, all approximately 6’-high.

Samson Humped Leg Curl Machine (200 lbs.). 39456-1

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Aptly named for the hump in the bench, now, there’s no excuse for you to not work out on hump day with this piece of equipment. A nice addition to any fitness guru’s gym or studio.

Samson Multi-Hip Machine (250 lbs.) 39439-2

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Only $75.00!

This piece of equipment might not make you “hip”, but it’s likely to get your hips in shape. That is, if you don’t use it as a clothing rack.

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