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NOCSAE Drop Test System

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Item # 46190-1

NOCSAE drop test system rig by Southern Impact Research Center:
Key Components & Features: anvil, guide wire (x2), lift cable, DC motor, pulley, medium head form, accelerometer, accelerometer cable, signal conditioner, data acquisition unit (by National Instruments), velocity gate, motor control, pulley, quick release, 1/2” MEP pad, guide wire clamps (x4).

Attachments/ Accessories Sold Alongside Main Equipment: 3” calibration pad, 1/8” face mask test pad, large head form, accelerometer, desktop computer, monitor.

Any Known Defects/ Abnormalities: Guide wire clamps come loose.

This equipment is located at UW Engineering Annex 101-6. Onsite contact is Per Reinhall, 206-685-8047/ reinhall at uw dot edu

To purchase this equipment, please contact the UW Surplus Store cashier’s office: 206-685-1573/ surplus at uw dot edu.

Equipment must be picked up & removed from site no less than 2 weeks after date of purchase. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up & removal. Equipment is offered as-is, where-is, with no warranty stated nor implied.

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