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Congratulations, it’s a Baby . . . Scale!

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46734-3. And its birth name is Ritter 109, although you can call it whatever you like when you get it home. Features ample storage space in the attached cabinet, and while some of the cupboards might fit a baby; we don’t recommend that. Measures 45” x 22” x 5’H.

Intubation Dummy Doesn’t Care if You’re a Sloppy Kisser

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46921-1. Technically, this is called a Laerdal Airway Management Trainer, and he comes in his own case to avoid curious onlookers, but you can call him Clark, or Vitto, or Fabio, or Bubba or whatever your dream date name is; we won’t tell. Comes with a spare set of teeth, always great in a dream date.

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