Medical Equipment

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$2.00 each!

Collect them all!

Lot: Pallet of SensiCare Medical Gloves

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$60,000.00 for the entire lot

Medline SensiCare Ice Gloves. This lot of gloves includes: Small-486801 (500 Case x 2000 gloves per case), Medium-486802 (650 Case x 2000 gloves per case), Large-486803 (399 Case x 2000 gloves per case), and X-Large-486804 (100 Case x 1800 gloves per case).

The gloves were purchased in 2011. They are new-in-box but are expired for their original intended purpose (clinical use). These gloves are located offsite, and interested parties must have an appointment with Nick Metully to view/ remove items:
HMC Warehouse
7527 63rd Ave NE,
Building 5C
Seattle, WA 98115
To schedule a viewing appointment, please call Nick Metully at 206-685-9381/ metuln at uw dot edu
To purchase this lot, please call the UW Surplus office at 206-685-1573.

Quartet of Breast Pumps

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$200.00 each (4 available)

44578-4 through -7. As Madonna once sang, “Express yourself!” These machines are the “Class Electric Breast Pump” by Medela.

Rolling Pedigo Infant Stretcher Crib

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Price Cut! 43896-25. It only looks like baby jail. While created for infants that had to spend time in a medical ward, the Pedigo-500 infant crib also surely has some visual appeal to parents of wild children the zoo refused to take.

Stryker Stretcher

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43769-25. Remember how well you slept after your appendectomy? It was truly like angels padded you with downy clouds and stardust, and left Jell-O for you when you woke up. Relive those halcyon slumbers with your very own stretcher bed by Stryker. But this deal is sure to go fast, so get on down to the Surplus Store STAT. Jell-O not included.

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