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Big Round Fans!

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$40.00 each

Just 3 Left!
41410-16, -18, and -21. While we’re all grateful for the recent cool spell that saved us from the sweltering heat, we know more uncomfortability is on the horizon, so be prepared with one of these B.R.F.s! They measure an impressive 3’-diameter. Grab one while they last! By Airmaster Fan.


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40933-3. Behold, the P-K Thermific gas-fired heating boiler model N-700 with special guest star Magnetek Century AC motor! Let’s get this party started!

Button Press

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41410-6. Step 1.) Go to an ice rink. Step 2.) Locate Dick Button. Step 3.) Gently nudge him into the machine, and see what happens. If this does not work, you may also elect to use this press for general clothing buttons. Measures 43”-high.

Chop Saw

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41143-29. Well, where do you think chop salads come from anyway? Model 34-080 by Delta (10” motorized mitre box).

Ginormous Coolspace Fan Units

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$20.00 each!

41410-12, -13, and -14. The word ginormous, of course, being the technical term for these massive units from Coolspace. Each measures approximately 3’ x 5’ x 66”H.

Metal High-Side Carts

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$50.00 each (5 available)

2 left!
41104-1, -3, -4, -5, and -6. Yes, we know, some of you are looking at these beauties and already planning an epic downhill race, but these carts are really so much better suited for transporting boxes and tanks and luggage. Each cart measures approximately 15 x 62 x 61”H.

Really Old Scale

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41268-67. This heavy old scale features a cool old label that says Fairbanks. We are told the scale is broken in some way, but it may just need a thorough clean-up & tune-up.

Rolling Red Metal Toolbox

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41421-27. With its snazzy red color you won’t lose this gem among all the other stuff in your basement, shop, or garage—right? RIGHT? Measures 14 x 26 ½ x 32”H. By Waterloo.


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41348-1. Have a blast and keep it contained! By Cyclone.

Sencore Analyzers

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$100.00 each

41317-4 and -10. Okay, so they look super flashy, but what do they analyze? Will they tell me if I’ve got the hypertension? Well, no, but they are great at analyzing monochrome, color, digital, and analog computer monitors.

Vacuum Cleaner Bonanza!

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$3.00 each!

We’ve got a veritable bevy of vacuum cleaners by Windsor available for just three bucks apiece! “Sensor” model featuring “S-class filtration,” ooh, la-la.

Wood & Metal Cart

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41133-7. Well, if you’re going to cart your stuff around you might as well use a big one that means business. Measures 30” x 70” x 3’H.

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