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BIG Glass Light Fixture Covers

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$10.00 each (11 available)

These fabulous glass light fixture covers look like art projects in waiting but were actually made to serve as covers for street lamps. Have you ever seen one up close? Neither had I, but now I kind of want to fill one with popcorn or fruit punch.

Drill Press, by Levin

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43680-220. This 5KH25AC395 Precision Drill Press by Levin is in excellent condition.

Glass Light Fixture Covers

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$10.00 each (11 available)

While these glass industrial light fixture covers were made for relatively mundane-though-necessary functions, you could use them for all kinds of funky-awesome purposes (maybe not as hats, though, they’re a bit uncomfortable as hats. Not that we know for sure, of course, but we imagine they’d make uncomfortable hats). You could place a small color-changing LED light under one of these covers and expand the light range beautifully thanks to the prismatic line cuts in the glass.

Rectangular Light Fixtures of Eminent Seriousness

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Larger model: $25.00; Smaller models: $15.00 each

43543-19, -20, and -21. When you want bright, rectangular light, these are the lights you’re gonna’ want. They’re the Sam-the-Eagles of industrial lighting, if industrial lighting were rendered in Muppet form, which: why not? Larger model on the left is labeled Steiner, with paperwork that says, “Executive 25,” and measures 20 x 8 x 25”H. Models on the right measure 16 x 6 x 20”H.

Table Saw

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43940-1. Behold, the Powermatic-66 table saw. Make your friends jealous.

Vintage Surveyor Equipment

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$550.00 (On other available for $295)

2 left!
In this photo: 41943-57: surveyor transit in wooden crate with original label, by C.L. Berger & Sons. While we’re fairly certain things won’t appear older when surveyed with this equipment, we can attest that the equipment itself looks amazing. I would totally put one of these on display in my house just because that’s how I roll. “Yeah, back when I was a surveyor” stories are just now warming up.

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