Kitchen Equipment

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Bajillion Steak Knives

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Just .25 each!

Every time Uncle Jimbo’s at the grill you receive a steak portion big enough to be hooked up to a pick-up truck by chains. The next time this happens to you, invite over 100 of your most starving friends, and give them each their very own steak knife from UW Surplus. You’re welcome. Don’t worry, vegetarians, these great knives also work on Portobellos!

Chafing Tray

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Like many of you, my freshman dorm room did not come with chafing trays, which is not to say there wasn’t chafing.

Deli Cooler Cabinet

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45050-1. Think of it as a temperature-controlled art gallery for sandwich & pastry masters. Or as a halfway house for future gut busters. By True. Measures 3’ x 6’ x 5’H.

Giant Salad Spinner

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43713-29. Can you really say someone goes whole hog on salads? I suppose so, but this beauty was likely made with restaurants in mind. Still, if you’re the kind of person who totally doesn’t mess around on a diet, The Greens Machine will set you up for what looks like a month’s worth of salad all at once. The machine bears the following warning sign: “Caution: Unbalanced Load Will Cause Vibration”—because nobody likes a vibrating salad. Marked Electrolux Dito VSD-10. Stands approximately 3 ½’-high.

Gravy Boats Galore!

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.50 each!

Good gravy, they’ve got a trainload of gravy boats! Get in on this gravy train! “I can honestly attest that this is the greatest number of gravy boats we have ever seen in the UW Surplus Store.” –Area Man.

Misc Coffee Makers

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.50 - $5.00 each, as marked

I moved to Seattle even though I can’t stand coffee, salmon, or football. But as my Grandma Vera says, “That’s just more for the rest of us.” Before you hit the overpriced retail spots for coffee makers, come see what we’ve got in the Surplus Store. We’ll save you enough to buy the coffee! From makers including Black & Decker, Braun, KitchenAid, Proctor Silex, and Gevalia.

Mugs Galore!

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.25 each!

If there’s one thing we love here in the warehouse it’s galore. Need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs? Why pay bloated retail prices when you know we can set you up with some sweet deals. Just .25 each! Fill ‘er up!

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