Bagit Station Request Form

In most shared office/lab space on campus, recyclable office paper is collected in bagits. Bagits are reusable polypropylene bags that have handles and are held open on stands, which hold either one or two bagits, as shown below.

Single Bagit Stand

Single Bagit Stand

Double Bagit Stands

Double Bagit Stand

Bagits are to be used in spaces such as labs, copy rooms, mail rooms, and shared offices; Bagits are not permitted in individual offices. To collect mixed paper for recycling within an individual office, request a self-serve Personal Recycle Bin. According to Environmental Health & Safety policy and Seattle Fire Department regulations, Bagits are not permitted in hallways.

UW Recycling provides used Bagit stands that are still in good condition to academic departments free of charge. Self-sustaining departments can purchase new Bagit stands and Bagits from UW Recycling. Used stands can be provided at no charge. Self-sustaining departments that want to set up a Bagit station should contact UW Recycling directly.

When the Bagit stand is in place, contact Custodial Services to begin service. Read the procedures for recycling paper to find out more information about how Bagits are used and serviced.

UW Recycling responds to all container requests within 2 business days. If you do not receive a response within that time, please resend your request.

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