Pipette Tip Boxes and Trays

Recycling & Solid Waste encourages UW customers to purchase and recycle pipette tip boxes and trays through a vendor that has its own recycling program (see below). If you are unable to recycle your pipette tip boxes and trays through the manufacturer, follow these procedures.

  • Place empty pipette tip boxes and trays in a clear plastic bag with no contamination.
  • Tie the bag securely and bring the bag to your building’s loading dock.
  • Place the bag in the blue cart or dumpster marked “Mixed Containers” or “Cans & Bottles”.

Note: This is a self-service program; Custodial Services is not responsible for recycling your pipette tip boxes and trays.

Manufacturer Recycling Programs

The following companies* note that they have tip box and tray recycling programs.

Genesee Scientific is based in Mountlake Terrace, WA. For more information about their recycling program, contact their Product Specialist at 206.794.5591 or click here.

Laboratory Products Sales is based in Rochester, NY. Click here for information about their recycling program.

Rainin is based in Oakland, CA. Contact Rainin for information about their recycling program.

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*Disclaimer of Endorsement

The University of Washington has no affiliation with, does not endorse, has no responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties with respect to a) the vendors who offer products or services via Recycling & Solid Waste; b) information provided by vendors in any form, whether printed or electronic; c) the quality of products or services that vendors offer recipients; or d) the ability of vendors to meet their promises or obligations in connection with the service.