Plastic Film

UW Recycling recycles plastic film, which includes clean plastic bags, bubble wrap, air pillows (deflated), and shrink wrap. Plastic bags and shrink wrap that have contained food or are contaminated in any way are not permitted; put these items into the trash.

This is a self-serve recycling program and staff are responsible for putting their plastic film into the grey plastic film toter at or near the building’s loading dock or service entrance. Consolidate all plastic film in a clear or opaque bag and tie off the bag before putting it into the toter. If your building does not have a toter, you can request one. Clean, consolidated and bagged plastic film can also be placed into an internal Mixed Containers or All-In-One recycling bin.

For internal collection of plastic film, Recycling & Solid Waste will provide a small box. To request a small box for internal collection, fill out the Plastic Film Container Request Form.

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