e.Media Bins

emedia bin
emedia bin lid

The Electronic Media (e.Media) Recycling Program was established in 2007 to give departments and individuals an opportunity to dispose of end-of-use electronic media in a responsible way. The e.Media bins have compartments for these items as well as compartments for small printer cartridges and batteries. Please put your material into the proper disposal compartment.

What is acceptable in the e.Media bins

Small quantities of the following:

  • Non-confidential electronic media: CDs, DVDs, videotapes, audiotapes, computer disks, and their cases
  • Small personal electronics: cell phones, pagers, PDAs, smart phones, and small electronics
  • Inkjet and bubble jet printer cartridges
  • Batteries: alkaline, carbon, zinc, lithium, nickel-cadmium, nickel, metal hydride, and silver oxide

What is not acceptable in the e.Media bins

Where to recycle your e.Media on campus

Put the material into the appropriate compartment in the nearest e.Media bin. See below for the list of current locations of e.Media bins. If you do not have a bin at your building and would like to request one, contact UW Recycling. Note: there is a waiting list for these bins.

e.Media Bin Locations

Refer to the list below or find locations on the Campus Sustainability Map.

  • Alder – Second floor, by vending machines with Public Area Bins
  • Allen Center for CSE – Main floor lobby, near reception and elevators
  • Allen Library – Ground floor, Research Commons’ info desk
  • Architecture – Outside room G–42
  • Art – By room 102, across from library entrance
  • Bagley – Ground floor, Chemistry Student Shop, just inside loading dock
  • Benjamin Hall Building – Floor 1, by elevators
  • Benson Hall - Basement 1 level hallway outside B039
  • Bloedel – Outside room 253
  • Bryant – Main floor hallway, with Public Area Bins
  • Burke Museum – First floor, mail room (117)
  • Cedar Apartments East – In lobby area
  • Cedar Apartments West – In lobby area
  • Condon Hall - Main floor, by Public Area Bins
  • Communications – Basement, by Communications Copy Center Public Area Bins
  • Elm – Second floor, by elevator 305 with recycling/waste bins
  • Engineering Library – Next to Reserve Book Drop
  • Ethnic Cultural Center – First floor lobby
  • Fishery Sciences – Next to room 213
  • Foege Building – Cafe level, by elevators with Public Area Bins
  • Gates Law School – First floor by cafe, with Public Area Bins
  • Gerberding – Basement lobby, by Public Area Bins
  • Gould – Outside room 236
  • Graves – Second floor copy room, at end of hall to the right
  • Guthrie – Basement, by elevator
  • Haggett – Grey Lounge, south end
  • Hall Health – Third floor, across from room 304
  • Hansee – Main entry level, adjacent to Leary and Austin Halls
  • Health Sciences Building – By elevators, near room D-116
  • Health Sciences Building – Outside room J–026
  • Health Sciences Building – 5th floor, between G&H wing, outside of H514
  • Health Sciences Building – Near B-108, by staircase
  • Health Sciences Building – RR-wing, fourth floor across from elevators
  • Health Sciences Building – Across from T–334 library entrance
  • Health Sciences Building – Near I-429, by public area bins
  • Henderson – Outside of room 101
  • HUB – First floor, across from Information Desk
  • IMA – 3rd floor Programs Office
  • John Wallace – Ground floor, across from room 025
  • Johnson – Outside room 170, with Public Area Bins
  • Kane – Near room 234, by Public Area Bins
  • Kincaid – Inside room 24
  • Lander – Floor 2, residential entryway
  • Loew – Basement hallway, near restrooms
  • Maple Hall– 1st Floor (Dabble Lab) near 40th street entrance & 2nd Floor Lobby
  • Mary Gates – Ground floor, outside room 093 (mail room)
  • McMahon – South of the information desk, by newspaper kiosk
  • Mercer – Room A315-2
  • Molecular Engineering and Sciences – Ground floor lobby, by elevators
  • More – Across from room 119
  • Mueller – Outside room 170
  • Music – Ground floor, outside room 20
  • Northlake – Main lobby
  • North Physics Laboratory (Van De Graaff Accelerator), by room 163
  • Ocean Sciences Building – First floor, by snack machines
  • Odegaard Undergraduate Library – Second floor, reception desk
  • PACCAR – Second floor, by elevator
  • Padelford – By C–301, with Public Area Bins
  • Parrington – First floor, outside room 121
  • Physics/Astronomy Tower – Outside room C241
  • Plant Services – FS Stores front desk
  • Plant Operations Annex 7 – Second floor by reception desk
  • Poplar – First floor, by trash and recycle bins
  • Publication Services – Just inside loading dock sliding door
  • Purchasing & Accounting – Inside main entrance, with Public Area Bins on stair landing
  • Raitt Hall – Second floor main hallway, across from elevators
  • Savery – First floor, southwest entrance, with Public Area Bins
  • Schmitz – Third floor, with Public Area Bins
  • Social Work – Ground floor, in lobby with Public Area Bins
  • South Campus Center – Outside room 242
  • Southwest Maintenance Zone Bldg – In main lobby area
  • Stevens Court – Community Center, across from RD office
  • Suzzallo – First floor, by reference desk
  • Terry Hall – 1st floor lobby (HFS Admin Office) and 2nd floor lobby
  • University Facilities – Lower floor copy area
  • Urban Horticulture – Merrill Hall, ground floor by restrooms
  • UW Tower – Floor C–4 cafeteria entrance, under the signboard
  • UW Tower – Floor O–2, near skybridge lobby and elevator #7
  • Wilcox – First floor public area, across from elevators
  • Winkenwerder – First floor, main lobby