Coffee Cups & Lids

Coffee cups and lids are compostable, recyclable or garbage, depending on the material used to make them. Although there are items that are compostable and recyclable, the best option is to use a reusable coffee cup whenever possible.Click here for our educational poster.

What is acceptable as compostable coffee cups and lids

Note: The University’s composting vendor, Cedar Grove, accepts only those items that have passed testing in their system. As new products are tested and approved by Cedar Grove, they are added to their list of accepted products. Coffee cups or lids labeled as “compostable” or “biodegradable” that are not approved cannot be composted or recycled and must be put into the garbage.

Where to compost your coffee cups and lids

What is acceptable as recyclable coffee cups and lids

Where to recycle your coffee cups and lids

  • In campus buildings, put recyclable coffee cups and lids into a mixed containers recycling bin.
  • On campus grounds, put recyclable coffee cups and lids into the top portion of a Smart Can (outdoor combined litter/recycling receptacle) or the recycling unit of a Solar Kiosk.

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