UW Recycling recycles hardbound and softbound books.

Hardbound Books

UW Recycling recycles hardbound books separately from other materials.

To recycle hardbound books, do one of the following:

Softbound Books

A small number of softbound books can be recycled in Bagits; please observe the 35 pounds per Bagit weight limit.

To recycle more than a few softbound books, do one of the following:

  • For small volumes, put them directly into your building’s permanent mixed paper toters at the loading dock.
  • For large volumes, request a loan out of mixed paper toters by filling out the Paper Cleanout Toters Request Form or box up the books, label the boxes, and fill out the Pick Up Boxed Recyclables Request Form. Note: boxes are not returned and there may be a charge for the pickup of large volumes of boxes.
  • Box up the books, label the boxes, and include them in a scheduled Surplus pickup. Note: boxes are not returned.

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