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Hollywood Recycles the UW Way
Recycling & Solid Waste Assists with the Film 21 and Over
By Alex Credgington

FilmingA film crew member scurries by in a green t-shirt and khaki shorts. Adorned with a wireless earpiece and handheld radio, he skirts from trailer to trailer, quickly spinning and releasing the hitches in preparation for travel. It's the last day of filming on the UW campus.

Production of the film 21 and Over came to UW this fall, bringing a flurry of activity to various parts of campus. Behind the scenes, UW Recycling & Solid Waste strategically placed and serviced recycling, composting and garbage bins to maximize waste collection.

HollywoodBins“There are so many people involved in a production like this,” said Kristin Elko of UW Recycling & Solid Waste. “We wanted to make sure it was easy for everyone involved to use the collection bins, and to understand the UW’s emphasis on recycling and composting.”

Bins were provided at the production’s basecamp—a central location of costuming and craft services that supported the filming efforts. As a guest of the University, the production company worked closely with Recycling & Solid Waste to coordinate needs and service times, and to handle any emergency issues that arose.

"Film productions generate a lot of waste," said Stacia Beer, a producer who worked on the filming at UW. "It was wonderful to be in an environment where we knew that everything was going to be recycled or composted."

Recycling, composting and waste reduction efforts were "a breeze" according to Beer, even when filming was not.

“One of the biggest challenges was supporting a nighttime shoot near Husky Stadium that involved a large number of extras and incidental services,” said Elko. “We were proud of our crew’s ability to adjust services to meet our customers’ various needs.”

When Hollywood called, UW Recycling & Solid Waste answered.


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