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Routine Custodial Services Provided

The Custodial Services unit is responsible for cleaning the interiors of campus buildings including classrooms, lecture halls, theaters, laboratories, clinical areas, libraries, offices, halls, stairs, elevators and other public areas, as well as cleaning and resupplying building restrooms on a regularly scheduled basis. Most routine cleaning is scheduled at times most convenient to the building occupants. Higher-priority routine cleaning is conducted daily.

Routine services provided on a daily as needed basis include:

  • Trash removal (daily)

  • Floors: sweeping, spot mopping, spot vacuuming

  • Chalkboards and whiteboards: cleaning and replenishing chalk or markers in classrooms and auditoriums (daily)

  • Stairwells: sweeping and complete vacuuming

  • Door glass, doors, walls, tabletops, and podiums

  • Restrooms: sanitizing, repairing dispensers, and replenishing supplies (daily)

  • Dusting: uncluttered cabinet tops, window sills, banisters, etc.

  • Building entry doors: locking and unlocking (daily)

  • Recyclables collection: Custodians collect recyclables from green bagits and public-area containers on a daily basis. UW Recycling will deliver additional bagits and collect up to ten boxes of recyclables (including paper, journals and soft-bound books). Up to six pieces of flattened cardboard will be collected from each waste station. Larger quantities of flattened cardboard can be taken to building loading dock or collected by UW Recycling for a fee.


  • During business hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m.) call (206) 685-1500. After 5 p.m., call the Emergency Phone: (206) 685-1411. Custodial Services provides clean-up and restoration in response to emergency situations resulting from fire, flood, or vandalism 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional services provided periodically:

  • Classroom furniture and audio-visual stands

  • Floors: buffing, stripping, and refinishing, as needed.

  • Carpets: removing spots and gum, bonnet buffing, and small-scale extraction, as needed. Carpets are extracted every two and a half years. Water extraction is used for the deep-cleaning process. The crew works Monday–Friday, 4:30 p.m.–1:00 a.m. If a spill occurs, place a dampened paper towel with cold water on it and then contact the Custodial Manager (see Staff Contacts by Building or Custodial Administration Office at (206)685-1500.

  • Windows: Windows are cleaned every 4-5 years for most academic buildings on campus, and every three years for the Health Sciences Complex and Quadrangle Buildings. The Window Washing crew works Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Building Coordinators are notified five to ten days prior to the arrival of the window washers. Building Coordinators are responsible for notifying the building occupants. The window washers announce their presence at each office before beginning the window cleaning. Classrooms are cleaned between scheduled classes to minimize disruption.

  • FS-WORKS: The campus community uses FS‑WORKS to enter, review and track work orders for facilities maintenance, alterations, operations, custodial and engineering work. Enter a request at http://www.washington.edu/facilities/fsworks/

Custodial Services will make every effort to provide window washing and carpet cleaning services at times most beneficial and convenient to departments. Periodic services in classrooms and lecture halls are generally scheduled during class breaks.

To request custodial services outside or in addition to their regularly scheduled times or frequency for a charge please visit our Premium Services page.