Driving Directions

Coming on I-5

  1. I-5, North or South
  2. Take the exit- exit number 169 - toward NE 50TH ST/NE 45TH ST
  3. Take the ramp toward NE 45TH ST/UNIV OF WASHINGTON
  4. Turn to go EAST onto NE 45TH ST. (If you’re coming from the north, it’s a left turn. If you’re coming from the south, it’s a right turn.)
  5. Turn RIGHT onto 15TH AVE NE
  6. Turn RIGHT onto NE PACIFIC ST and proceed until you pass under the University Bridge. The first intersection to your right is 8TH AVE NE. If you come to a three way stoplight you’ve passed 8TH AVE NE.
  7. Turn RIGHT onto 8TH AVE NE. Proceed up the hill to the top.
  8. Turn RIGHT onto the last driveway on the right hand side. This leads to our parking area.