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Columns Magazine UW Foundation Spread – Out and About Photo Submission Guidelines

The basics:

  • When saving/downloading pictures from your digital camera, please select the highest resolution/largest file size available. For you technical folks, 300 dpi is most-preferred.
  • Email photos for consideration to Abigail Klingbeil.
  • You know your donors best. If you have a picture of someone who might have sensitivities about being featured in a magazine that is distributed to 250,000 people, please don’t submit it.

Please submit photos featuring:

  • People of diverse ethnicities and ages
  • People engaging with each other
  • Bright or well-lit surroundings
  • Students
  • Up to five people in a group (additional people in the background are fine)

Please avoid photos featuring:

  • People drinking or eating
  • People wearing nametags (where possible…we know this might be hard to avoid!)
  • Big groups of people (more than six)
  • Primarily staff in photos

With each photo, please provide:

  • Each person’s name, Advance number and graduation year, if applicable
  • Title, date, location and brief description of the event at which they were photographed

Timeline/due dates:

  • Email photos to Sabriena Simon following the timeline below. If your entry is selected, we will contact you about permission to use the photo. We will need approval within one week from the date we contact you or we will be unable to use your photo.
  • For March issue: submissions welcomed until January 1
  • For June issue: submissions welcomed until April 1
  • For September issue: submissions welcomed until July 1
  • For December issue: submissions welcomed until October 1