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The latest External Affairs update is online!

UW has new faces in computer science

The UW recruited a group of high-profile faculty in the areas of digital information and machine learning. Read more from UW Today.

Federal Update: Important to-do list for lawmakers

Federal lawmakers are looking at an important week as they begin the countdown to the 4th of July recess. Up for consideration is completion of the highway bill and negotiations on student loan interest rates, flood insurance, Food and Drug Administration user fees and farm policy. Read more from the Office of Federal Relations.

UW royalties over $1.5 million

After the books closed for May the UW had surpassed $1.5 million in gross royalties for the current fiscal year — with a full month to go before it ends. This is a first in program history — go dawgs!

UW featured on Evening Magazine

KING-TV’s “Evening Magazine” (weeknights at 7 p.m. on KING 5) aired four segments on the UW throughout the week of May 21 in commemoration of the UW’s 150th anniversary celebration.

More funding for engineering programs

More funding means more students who want to study engineering will have the opportunity in the future. Read more from the Seattle Times.

Tuition proposal submitted to Board of Regents

Tuition rates for the 2012-13 academic year are currently under consideration by the Board of Regents. The board will formally adopt new tuition rates in June. It is anticipated that the 16 percent legislatively authorized increase will be a starting point for resident undergraduate tuition rates, although a range of tuition rate increases is being

UW picked at a top social media college

The UW grabbed a top spot on Student Advisor’s list of the top 100 Social Media Colleges.

Sketches of Campus

Check out sketches of UW by Seattle Times illustrator and journalist Gabriel Campanario. He took a stroll through campus and wrote about (and sketched) the Sylvan Grove Theater, the Quad and more.

Congress back in session

Congress is back in session following a two-week break. Read about what bills are moving and what committees have scheduled from the Office of Federal Relations.

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