Emergency Planning Committee

General Information about the UW Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC)

The Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) is composed of diverse representatives from academic, research and operating units that provide guidance and strategic oversight for the University’s emergency and disaster management programs.

The EMPC meets bi-monthly to discuss and share best practices as they relate to disaster/crisis planning, training and other preparedness, mitigation and recovery issues as well as to assist in the management of the UW disaster resilience efforts. Meetings are open to ANY interested member of the UW community (students, faculty and staff).

The EMPC has a standing meeting schedule/time. They always meet on the odd-numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November) on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The time of each meeting is from 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm and the default location is the UW’s Emergency Operations Center Large Conference Room (UW Tower, Suite C-140E).

The following are current members of the EMPC:

  • Charles Kennedy
    Facilities Services AVP

  • Dan Landsberg Internal Audit

  • Bruce Miller Human Resources

  • Sara Trimble HMC Laboratory Medicine

  • David Girts SAFE Campus Program

  • Darren Branum

  • Linda Ambre
    UW Libraries

  • (vacant)

  • Douglas Schulz
    UW Police Department

  • Tracey Mosier
    Facilities Services

  • Victor Balta
    News & Information

  • Steve Charvat
    Emergency Management

  • Ron Fouty
    Capital Projects

  • Tom Rietkerk
    School of Medicine

  • Danica Little
    UW Medical Center

    Laura Campbell
    Comparative Medicine

  • Clarice Hall

  • Andy Ward, 2014/15 Chair

  • (vacant)

  • Jill Morelli
    School of Medicine

  • Tammy Taecker
    Student Life

  • Susan Wagshul-Golden

  • Gordon Gresch
    Recreational Sports

  • Ben Newton
    Real Estate

  • Leslie Anderson
    University Advancement

  • Rich Lewis

  • Doug Gallucci

  • (vacant)

  • Pascal Schuback, Vice Chair
    Global Affairs

  • Bill Steele
    Earth & Space Sciences

  • Josh Gana
    Housing & Food Services

  • (vacant)
    Harborview Medical Center

  • (vacant)
    Financial Management

  • Cindy Gregovich

    Hall Health Center

  • Patrick Knouff

  • Connie Bartlett
    University Advancement

  • Chip Lydum
    Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Tony Guerrero

  • Debra Hanna
    Facilities Services

  • Siri McLean Emergency Management

  • Scott Preston
    Emergency Management

  • Tom Pittsford
    Campus Engineering

  • (Vacant) King County EM

  • Kenneth D. Neafcy City of Seattle

  • Kerry Kuenzi CISO Office

  • Stacie Smith UWEM

  • Jennifer Knick UWEM