Our Mission, Values and Core Values


A Disaster Resistant University as a global model for other institutions of higher learning


To administer a campus-based comprehensive emergency management program in partnership with UW academic departments, operating units, staff, administration and neighboring jurisdictions in order to save lives, protect property and safeguard the environment.


  • Ethical behavior
  • Timely response to emergency needs and requirements
  • Expertise in emergency/disaster management and contingency management
  • Learning and growth for all of our public safety partners
  • Effective communications on how we conduct our business
  • Quality service to our internal and external customers
  • A safe, healthy and protected campus
  • Flexible solutions to our customers requirements
  • Respect for individual differences
  • Have fun and not take ourselves too seriously when helping others


The UW’s emergency management program, which is spearheaded and led on a day-to-day basis by the Emergency Management, can be found by clicking on the attached (PDF) file. This plan was developed by UWEM Staff and management with guidance from the UW Emergency Management Planning Committee.

Comments, suggestions and questions on our 5-year plan should be directed to the UW Emergency Management staff. We welcome and appreciate any comments from our stakeholders. Thank you.

Who Is UWEM and What Do They Do?

UW Emergency Management is a Department of Facilities Services. Established in May 2003, UWEM is responsible for the comprehensive, “all-hazards” emergency and disaster management planning efforts to the UW system. We provide planning, training, grant assistance, inter-departmental coordination and emergency response assistance for major emergencies or disasters.

For more information on our office, CLICK HERE for a 2 page PDF flyer, which highlights our recent activities and programs.