"Everything We Do is a Disaster!"

UW Emergency Management (UWEM) is the smallest of the seven Facilities Services departments. We are responsible for developing and implementing institution-wide programs and projects that promote disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, prevention and recovery for all-hazards. We work in close-partnership with other UW public safety departments, such as UW Police and UW Environmental Health & Safety to promote a safe and disaster resilient institution. For detailed information on UW programs see our our mission, vision, values and 5-year strategic plan. Included in this site are guidelines for what to do in case of various emergencies or disasters.

The kinds of major emergencies or disasters that can impact our university include:

In addition to the emergency preparedness information contained on this web site, you will find links to many other web sites pertaining to emergency preparedness.

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In accordance with Federal, State, local and UW Administrative Policy Statements 13.1 and 13.2, the University of Washington has established a comprehensive emergency and disaster preparedness program to protect its people, resources and environment