Dream Project

January 23, 2018

Welcome back, Aric!

By Aric Rininger

Dream Project Public Relations Lead, Aric Rininger

Dream Project Public Relations Lead, Aric Rininger

My name is Aric Rininger, and I’m transitioning into a leadership position in Public Relations. Until recently, I have served as a mentor (Rainier Beach, six quarters) and an Advancement Lead. The last year brought significant reorganization to Dream Project and the Advancement portfolio. Fundraising and data analysis were shifted away from student leadership, which allowed us to focus on ways of strengthening our connection to Dream Project alumni. As Advancement became more and more redundant, a transition to Public Relations seemed like a natural way to continue those endeavors.


I’m a sixth-year PhD student in the Biology Department. I joined Dream Project in 2015, after reaching peak frustration with many of the outreach activities I’d been involved in. I was beginning to notice a very disproportionate amount on effort (and resources) being spent on providing educational outreach to schools and communities who, frankly, were already well-served. When I discovered Dream Project, I was delighted to have found an organization focusing specifically on low-income students and students of color. As a low-income person of color, myself, I craved the opportunity to serve communities more like my own, communities which seemed poorly represented at the University.


When I’m not with Dream Project, I research how the color blue helps plants decide when and how to grow. I am also part of a group of Biology graduate students, GLADE (Graduate-Led Action on Diversity and Equity), who are currently engaged in long-term discussion with faculty on a list of action items to make our department more inclusive. Find out more on our blog: http://scipos.blogspot.com/2017/11/dear-scipos-readers-we-are-excited-to.html