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UW Dream Project

Opportunities for Mentors

Leadership Opportunities

If you would like to get more involved with Dream Project, please check out the leadership opportunities below.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please fill out this survey and you will be contacted. If you would like more information about Dream Project leadership or have any questions, feel free to email Sara Hearn at

  • Public Relations

The position involves publicizing the Dream Project to High School’s and working as liaison for High School newspapers and nearby newspaper editors. This position would start in Winter 2016 with shadowing during Fall. Responsibilities include reaching out to high schools, organizations or other partners to publicize the work of the Dream Project. Working on the quarterly E-newsletter by compiling ideas and topics, and reaching out to other DP leaders to contribute to the newsletter. Also, creating innovative ways to include Dream Project content in high school and/or community publications. Suggested, but not mandatory, majors are communications, journalism, business, English/and or writing majors. Suggested skills are interpersonal skills and ability to communicate professionally via email or in person.

  • Human Resources Manager

This position involves finding and filling open leadership opportunities in the Dream Project. It also involves leading the hiring of staff positions such as AmeriCorps as needed. This position needs to be filled by Spring 2016 with shadowing in Autumn and Winter quarters. Responsibilities include updating survey with open positions and contacting those who fill it out, leading hiring processes for student and staff positions, and talking to and placing interested Mentors into leadership positions. Suggested skills are proficient at planning and scheduling, ability to work alone/be a self-starter/working autonomously, willingness to be creative and try out new ways of forming hiring processes, highly organized. Confidentiality is KEY; talking about confidentiality, being sensitive to leaders’ and potential leaders’ feelings and thoughts regarding positions. Current sophomore or junior preferred, or a senior if you plan to do a 5th year. Always a bonus if you’re interested in business, HR, management, working with people and processes, but not a requirement!

  • 9th and 10th Outreach Co-lead

The 9th/10th Grade Outreach Co-lead position requires approximately 10 hours of work per week. Work involves attending meetings, planning curriculum, and going on visits to meet with 9th and 10th graders. The 9th and 10th Grade Outreach portfolio also focuses on general pre-college readiness, and as such works with age groups from K-8 grades as well. This position will be with two other co-leads who will be in the position until Spring 2016.

  • Recruitment Team (Multiple Positions)

Consider being on the 2016 Dream Project Recruitment Team! Application is now open HERE (The recruitment team uses a separate application from the one listed above)The Recruitment Team focuses on finding ways to recruit new mentors in order to continue to support the high school students we work with. ~3 hour per week commitment; both new and current mentors are encouraged to apply! Apply now to gain leadership skills, make new friends, and have a ton of fun! See below for descriptions for each position:

  • External Recruitment Lead:

Helps spread the word about Dream Project and recruit potential new mentors through the organization of activities such as tabling. External Recruitment is also in charge of collaborating with the Pipeline Project and Carlson Center to arrange classroom presentations and other joint recruitment sessions.

  • Internal Recruitment Lead:

Works as a liaison between Dream Project and on-campus organizations/groups with the main objective of exposing or partnering them to Dream Project as a feasible service-learning/volunteer component. Will also share information, conduct events and presentations alongside the Dream Project Community Partnership Portfolio to different on-campus audiences to spread awareness of educational opportunities and social mobility in hopes to build and maintain alliances.

  • Recruitment Design Lead:

Prepare publications that will be used for recruitment. Brainstorm merchandise and design ideas for current members and for recruitment purposes. Contact merchandising companies to get pricing and build relationships.

  • Recruitment Event Lead:

Creates and manages events for recruitment each quarter to attract potential mentors into being a part of the Dream Project as well as to encourage current mentors to continue to be a part of the dream project.

  • Social Media Lead:

Updates social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with information for mentors, as well as creating social media campaigns to attract new mentors for recruitment.


Interested in the Dream Project Internship?

If you are interested in other ways to get involved in our community, consider applying to be an intern!

  • College and Career Readiness Assistant (CCRA) Internship

We’re selecting undergrads to be placed in high schools or middle schools as College and Career Readiness Assistant Interns (CCRAs). CCRA’s deepen the work of the current Dream Project model by  assisting counselors in supporting high school and middle school students with college readiness. in For more information about this internship, check out our CCRA page! , or email